Today is the Day-We Reach Out

November 10, 2016


We are suffering.  

We feel alone, unheard, dismayed and scared. 

That’s how we know.

Today is the Day We Reach Out

Today is the day we won’t suffer alone or in silence.  We will choose differently.  Today is the day we will pull close our people, our trusted confidants, “our tribe”.  We will pull them in with all we’ve got,  getting them real, real close.  We will find our way to someone.  The time is now to cultivate our relationships.  This has always been important.  It is really important today.

Today is the day we set forth with intentions. We won’t  go through our day checking off our to-do list. We won’t bury our need for each other by keeping busy or staying in isolation. Not today. For it is not that kind of day. Today we will figure out a way to make connection with someone. We know it only takes one person. We will get out of comfort zones. We will be really brave, asking for what we need.  Because we need to feel heard, validated, safe.  We will do the same for the other person.

Today is the day we recognize the value and the sense of grounding that relationships bring to our lives.  We will dig deeply into this for we know that it is our most valued yet easily overlooked resource. But we will not overlook it today. Because we know that it is in this space that our greatest hope lies. Our hope for healing, our hope for unity, our hope for growth, our hope to be understood and seen.  We will see each other today. We will, with vigor, pursue each other, circling to keep each other safe and loved and warm.  Yes, we will.

Today we need each other. We will find our way to each other.

Today is the Day We Reach Out


Copyright 2016 Shay Michelle All Rights Reserved

An Election Year

November 8, 2016

20140925_191909So, dang it,  I wasn’t going to say anything.

I really wasn’t.  I haven’t said one thing publicly about this election year. Not one.  Not on Facebook.  Not on this blog.


Oh boy. Oh, please just stop it now.

But. Do you know when you have this thing?  This thing in your head and your heart that just keeps nagging at you, begging you to let it out? You know what I mean, right, about this thing? When I have this thing it feels like this.  I’ve got God or Spirit or something bigger than me, standing right at my ear.  Right here, over my very shoulder doing this some such silly thing. Softly It goes…


 Tap, tap. “Hey. I need you to say something”.

Ignore. Time goes on. Brush it away. A little louder…

Tap, tap. “I really think you should say something”.

Pause, think about it, debate over it, walk away. Totally not happening.

Tap, tap. “Someone needs to hear this and I need you to say it”.


And finally I think, oh my word, seriously?  Me?  And do I have to?  Because I am just so darn comfortable being quiet over here. I happen to like my introverted safe little space over here, thank you very much.  But alas.  Tap, tap it goes and goes and goes and goes. So here we are, me and you, together in this space.

Here’s the thing. I have nothing to say about who I am voting for, nor who you should vote for.  I’ve got no propaganda or rally cry or big opinions to front.  Nope.  We’ve had a lot of that and that is not what this is about.

In my spirit I feel that we all could use respite from all the stuff and noise and junk that is going on.

A little healing salve for this crazy election time.  Did you bring the salve with you for me?  Do I have some salve for you?  I hope so friends.

It is with compassion and tenderness that I wish for us to find some spiritual rest from this long and arduous journey we have collectively been on.  It has been tough on us.  Wounded our spirits.  Broken us open.  Made us question and doubt and have fear.  We are a bit raw and cracked open.

But we can help to heal each other. We have that salve we need.  You brought it and I did too.

I believe that the grace, love and compassion with which we treat our families, our friends, our neighbors is a powerful antidote to the suffering we have experienced.  It is in the big things of course, but, oh, let’s not forget the power of the little moments.  Little blips of kindness can have powerful momentum. It’s the smile we give to the grocery store clerk, while driving and letting someone merge, waiting patiently in line instead of being aggravated..  It is taking a breath and pausing before we respond to our family in frustration when we know that the issue is within ourselves and not with them.  It is giving people the benefit of the doubt, recognizing and actively seeking out our similarities instead of glaring at our differences.

It is in these small moments,  these random acts of kindness, exactly to the people around us, that can make all the difference in the world.  All the difference to that person on the receiving end, I bet.  And all the difference to the one who bestows the kindness.  It reminds us to believe in ourselves. To believe that we have a sense of agency over our lives, our well being, the people we love.  A sense of empowerment to make change and to do something good. I believe this with my whole self that this is true and that it is possible.

At the end of the day, this act of courageously choosing grace and softness in a really harsh world can help to heal us all.  

We are in this boat together.  

And there is enough healing salve to go around.

At My Art Table

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday Oct. 5, 2016

October 5, 2016

Every Wednesday I will be showing you what is on my art table for the week.

Here is how it will work:

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday will show some art that will be successful, others not so much. The art might be complete or it might not.  I will show my own art and personal creations or, perhaps a class I am taking and would like to share.  It will spread the gamut.

Remember, in addition to my successes,  I will be showing my imperfect work.  Work that is in progress.  Things I have learned and how I am growing.

Let’s Check Out What’s At My Art Table the Week of Oct. 5

Show Notes

  • Lots and lots of apples!-If you are in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for a great art class I go to Beth Kokol art studio.  I have just started but so far I have been extremely happy there.
  • Layers of Light-a soft, serene, and unique online class taught by Laly Mille.  Laly has created a beautiful light filled place to gather together.
  • KnotOriginal-Gahhhh!!!  I want all of these beautiful fiber bundles.  They are extraordinary and I am so happy I stumbled upon this shop.  I will be using their fibers forever, I think!  They also sell scarves, gloves and other apparel that they call “wearable fiber art”.  This is a great description of what they offer.





“Love and light.” Can you see the shimmer?



Tell me what you think.

 Do you like the videos?

 Are they easy enough to see and understand?

 Is there anything else you would like to know about?  

Let me know in the comments!

At My Art Table Soul Hunger

An Artsy Gathering

September 27, 2016


For a bit of time now I have wanted to have people over to my home,

to gather around the table to connect,

make some art and share our stories.  

An Artsy Gathering

Last week I did just that.


 Funny enough, as simple as an art gathering sounds,

I was actually quite scared to do it.  



You know, invite all the people.  Ask them to come over.  Into my actual house. And then feed them. Give them food and water. I’ll have to play hostess.  And then, horrors, ask them all to get their “artsy” on and make stuff with me.  Shiver.  This is terrifying stuff!


 What if people think it’s weird?  Worse, what if people think I’m weird?

The “artsy fartsy” type, head in the clouds, woo woo.  For whatever reason I am always nervous about that.  Even though, really, I am quite grounded and practical.  I guess we all have these kinds of stories we grapple with that sometimes keep us from doing things we might want to do but are afraid to do them.

I’ll tell you, I have done more things that scare me in the last few months than maybe ever.  Not scary in the way of, let’s say, big life decisions or dealing with difficult people.  That is a different thing.  But still, putting yourself “out there” in a real way, showing up and being seen,  I reckon that deserves to be on a list of scary too.


It can be quite challenging to unarm yourself, open up and metaphorically say, “here I am world, this is whatcha get with me”.  Perhaps it’s me being in my forties.  Something that only age can bring. This feels like both a gift to know this about myself, this is pretty much what I have to offer in all its’ goodness and all its’ shortcomings, while also being terrifying to stake a claim in that bit of truth.


There is a wild sense of freedom in knowing and claiming,

“This is it.

 This is me.

This is who I am

This is what I can and cannot offer.”   

I did not have that as much when I was younger. It has been my observation that only age and life experience can give both privy to that knowledge and also the courage to build the framework of your life around it.   Okay, that and maybe being tired and worn down gives it to you  too.


I bet you didn’t think a post about a silly little artsy gathering would go in this heavy direction.

Sometimes it is the simplest of things give the opportunity to show up and be seen.  

But sometimes it may be better for us to wait it out and stay private.

There is not a bad choice here. Sometimes you feel ready to go all out, go for broke, whoop and holler. Sometimes it is okay to stay cocooned and swaddled in our safe place until we are ready.  It is all about timing.  Really, it is okay to baby step our way into scary things.


So, in this case I waited.  Until I didn’t.  At some point I just wanted to do this thing that had been in my mind and on my heart.  I wanted to gather people, eat some nourishing food, art together and to “talk story” like they say in Hawaii.

And we did and it was good.

 Guess what?

 No one thought it was weird.

I am pretty sure no one thought I was weird.  Even better, people want to come back!  The ones who couldn’t show up want to come to the next one.  It was good.  Really good.  A few of my friends who did not previously know each other discovered some common interests and discovered that they shared a similar personal struggle.  I was warmed up inside as I observed them hashing it out, supporting each other, and talking about what had helped them.


See, that makes it so worth it and was exactly what I was hoping for. It was awesome. I am pretty sure I will do another one.  I am pretty sure I will feel nervous and apprehensive to do it.  Remember, I have to feed and water and art people. But I am also pretty sure I will give it a go again.  You know, just to show up, put it out there, let the magic happen.


This is me.

 This is who I am.  

This is what I can offer.

And it feels pretty good to show up in just that way.



Altered Playing Cards

In case you are wondering, these are simply altered playing cards.  Yes, just playing cards that have been collaged!  I love, love them because they are so NOT PRECIOUS! That means there is so much freedom in the creation of them.  They are cheap, plentiful, small.  You can use them as bookmarks, stash them in your wallet or bedside table, hang them on a mirror.  You can give them away to encourage someone who needs it.  And, to top it all off,  you can throw them away if you are not happy with them!  They are after all only a playing card!

Check out my pinterest page to see more examples, tutorials, and ideas for altered playing cards.

Also, be sure to check out Brave Girls Club for their version of altered cards called Truth Cards.  I love Brave Girls Club as they do many projects that are similar to this one, both in its scope of meaning and approachability.

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It has been on my heart to share in this way and I want you to be there!

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At My Art Table

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday Sept. 13, 2016

September 14, 2016

Every Wednesday I will be showing you what is on my art table for the week.

Here is how it will work:

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday will show some art that will be successful, others not so much. The art might be complete or it might not.  I will show my own art and personal creations or, perhaps a class I am taking and would like to share.  It will spread the gamut.

Remember, in addition to my successes,  I will be showing my imperfect work.  Work that is in progress.  Things I have learned and how I am growing.

Let’s Check Out What’s At My Art Table the Week of Sept. 13

Show Notes

  • Background Purgatory (or project, relationship, work, ect. purgatory)-This is where we have started something and it gets stuck.  We just can’t seem to pull it around to any kind of completion, instead we are locked down into feeling like we are just spinning our wheels. Working , working and working and yet staying in the exact same place. Let’s move forward out of purgatory by breathing new life and vigor into what we are doing and try it again! As Brene Brown says in her book, Rising Strong, “The middle is messy, but it is also where the magic happens.”
  • If you are in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for a great art class I go to Beth Kokol art studio.  I have just started but so far I have been extremely happy there.
  • We catch a glimpse into my art journal where there is beauty and interest in its’ randomness.





Yay for Another Video!

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At My Art Table

What’s at My Art Table Wednesday

September 7, 2016

Seriously…look at how happy I am in the screenshot.  Freakin’ hilarious.

Also, I am in the very same shirt as the bio photo to the left, in case you didn’t notice.

Alright ya’ll. Drumroll please.

It is Time for “What’s at My Art Table Wednesday”…IN VIDEO FORM!  Woohoo! 


Show Notes

Let me know what you think of this video format, plus any tips you may have for me for making videos for you. Was this helpful?  Clear?  Too long?  Fun? Let me know in the comments below!

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At My Art Table

What’s at My Art Table Wednesday

August 31, 2016

Every Wednesday I will be showing you what is on my art table for the week.

Here is how it will work:

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday will show some art that will be successful, others not so much. The art might be complete or it might not.  I will show my own art and personal creations or, perhaps a class I am taking and would like to share.  It will spread the gamut.

Remember, in addition to my successes,  I will be showing my imperfect work.  Work that is in progress.  Things I have learned and how I am growing.

Let’s Check Out What’s At My Art Table the Week of August 31


An Abstract Interpretation of a Coastal Horizon


This is a piece that has gone through so many transformations!  I wish I had photos of all the stages and hope to do more of that in the future.  I imagine it might continue to transform and take on new shapes.  That is the brilliant thing about acrylic paint.  If you don’t like it or just want to continue to experiment, just paint over it!

I painted this piece intuitively, meaning that I had no preconceived idea at the beginning for what I would create.  I just started pushing paint around until it began to take shape. Originally the under painting was completely different both in form and color. The only thing left from the original piece is the red circle which became the abstract setting sun, everything else has been covered up.

I have mixed feelings about this piece, not really sure if I am loving it.  It probably is not my style but was fun to create.  However, something I love are the blues on the right hand side. They  are so luminescent and beautiful.  The photos do not do it justice.  It is a bit like stained glass, just gorgeous.



Sweet Little Angels

Continuing in the online class I am taking, Spirit Wings by Kelly Rae Roberts, I created this angel.

The Angel of Courage


She says, “Be not dismayed by fear.

Be centered in trust.”

I love making these angels.  There will be six in all by the time I am done, each one having her own theme.  Centering myself in trust, or grounding myself in trust, is often what I try to do when I am in fear. I find that if I am able to do this I gain perspective, wisdom and comfort. Creating art around these life themes is its’ own form of comfort and has a sense of finding center.



I Finally Try Oil Paints for the First Time!

Working with oil paints is something I have wanted to do for a long time but have always been intimidated to do so. When I heard that one of my favorite painters, Emily Jeffords, was pairing up with The Crafter’s Box I knew I was in!  If you don’t know who Emily Jeffords is be sure to check her out.  She is an abstract impressionistic painter who works in oils and makes the most lovely abstract landscape paintings I have seen.  I would love to own a piece of her work at some point.

The Crafter’s Box is a monthly subscription for crafters.  They pair up with artists of all types who create a project in their genre. Then they curate a set of products, everything that you need, to complete the project.  When the time comes they then teach you how to make the project.  I think it is a fantastic idea and took all of the intimidation out of the project as they have you covered from start to finish. I would not even know where to begin to do an oil painting.  Emily  hand-picked all the products which I thought was awesome! Her sense of color is one of my favorite things about her paintings and this kit included her chosen color palette.  Really, it was just so simple.


This painting could still probably use some tweaking but all in I am pretty satisfied with my first go ’round with oils.  It was interesting to see and feel the difference between oils and acrylic paint.

Here is My Synopsis

Oils stay wet, FOREVER!!  While I knew this going into it, it was still so bizarre that I could move the paint around for, literally, days after the application.  I could go away and come back the next day and continue working as if I had never stopped.  So strange feeling as acrylics dry in mere minutes.  This painting took several days to dry to completion.

Space is an order to do oil painting it seems.  I have an itty bitty work area (which I will give a tour of soon) that I can make work for everything I want to do thus far.  It is just a matter of doing lots of mini clean ups and staying organized.  Oils on the other hand need lots of space where they can sit, undisturbed and untouched while drying.  Imagine if you had more that one canvas going at once, all of them with wet paint!

This easel sat of to the side of a hallway.  I just prayed that no one would touch it, for DAYS while it was drying! Imagine if a part of a wall to your house was wet and everyone had to scoot around it.  That is a bit what it felt like. Stressful!  My verdict is that oil painting might need a bit more space than I currently have!  I probably will wait for a bit until I pick it up again but I am so, so glad I had this opportunity to try it out!

Just so you know, I am not affiliated in any way but just love to share resources.

Thanks for joining me for What’s at my Art Table Wednesday!

Have any of you experimented with oil paints?  What did you think?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on how it went for you!


At My Art Table

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday

August 24, 2016


What is at My Art Table Wednesday?

This.  This is on my art table this week. The most important “art table project” I’ve ever done.  This is the week I dropped my son off at college.

My son.  The most significant and important creation I have been a part of.  The best choice I’ve ever made, the most awe-inspiring thing I have watched grow, change, blossom. Just like art.  It is true of him, my other two children, and husband as well. My family.

But this week it is this guys’ turn.  His turn to start something new, find independence, take off and fly (oh, dear God, please fly). It is significant for him to be sure, but let me tell you, it is super significant for this mamma too.  I swear I think parents should get some sort of award for raising a person. Taking care of another soul, guiding, directing, hoping, and staying the course.  Am I right?  It is hard work.  Not for the weary or faint of heart. That is what my husband and I always say to each other.

But, man, I love this  lil’ family of mine, this creation. My most lovely, honoring and lasting art project I have ever made.

I was going to post some art here this week, at least something since I promised I would.  But my heart tells me otherwise.  My heart says that this post can hold its’ own and should not be disrupted by another art piece, although loved and cherished, not nearly as important as this one.  This is a stand alone project, the most important of its kind.

I will be back next week with pretty stuff, new things going on around here that I am excited to share, some eye candy. So please come back for a visit. Thanks for the read everyone.



At My Art Table

What’s at My Art Table Wednesday

August 17, 2016



Inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts class, Spirit Wings

Inspired by Kelly Rae Roberts class, Spirit Wings

What’s at My Art Table Wednesday

Every Wednesday I will be showing you what is on my art table for the week.

Here is how it will work:

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday will show some art that will be successful, others not so much. The art might be complete or it might not.  I will show my own art and personal creations or, perhaps a class I am taking and would like to share.  It will spread the gamut.

Remember, in addition to my successes,  I will be showing my imperfect work.  Work that is in progress.  Things I have learned and how I am growing.

Let’s Check Out What’s At My Art Table the Week of August 17


Oh these little angels!  They are so sweet and so fun to make.


She says,

“Come Out Inner Creative, Inner Artist.

Be Birthed, be Brave, be Bold.

Fly Free and be Seen.”


I am currently taking an online class from artist Kelly Rae Roberts called Spirit Wings. Many of you will be familiar with Kelly Rae and her work but for those of you who aren’t, I would encourage you to check her out.

Kelly Rae is an artist full of fun, light and encouraging words.   She has a huge following and her work can be found in many, many stores.  It is not surprising as her work portrays her uplifting, believing spirit.

Something I have loved about the class is that she embraces what she calls, “happy accidents”, mistakes essentially.  Even showing them on camera, not stopping to edit, but instead, gives permission to her audience and to herself in these instances. She then easily carries on, walking through the process of using these mishaps as opportunity to make something better.  I love that!  I think her approach is brave and disarming and inspiring.  Not to mention the truth about how art, and life, really work!

That philosophy falls in line with my intentions for  What’s at my Work Table Wednesday.

To show the work in its’ fullest form,

with beauty and imperfections, with success and struggle,

 examining the process in a real and unedited way.


Here is What I Learned

Of course I learned all the amazing and fun ways to make the angel in through the class . But here is what I learned about my own personal art practice. The placement of the lettering was difficult for me!  It was where I struggled most. Surely, this must be something that needs to be practiced because making the words fit in a succinct fashion did not come easily.  Placement and being able to “eyeball” it was hard.  I even practiced on a sheet of paper that I had cut into the shape of the dress and still I struggled.  There are six angels we will be completing in the class. I am hoping to improve with each angel. I am sure it is a “feel thing” that comes by doing. We will see how my upcoming angels progress.


A River Flows Through Her

Acrylic paint, oil pastels, chalk pastel, Stabilo pencil, and a white gel pen were used to create this lady.

I love the mandala, the vine around her forehead, and I especially love how some of the imagery from the book is left raw and untouched near the crown of her head.  If you look closely you will see a river that is flowing.  This is a such a striking metaphor for how thoughts move through us.  I just loved how the river showing through was not something I purposefully planned, rather, I noticed the opportunity to use the river while in process of creating her.


You can see here how the page looked before the glazing that went over the pages.


It can be interesting to use a book with existing imagery and words for art journaling and creating.  This book was something I purchased about a year ago at Goodwill for this purpose.  I used it for one project and haven’t picked it up since.  Honestly, it has been buried in a drawer and I haven’t even thought of it since.  While doing some other things at my art table last night I suddenly had an urge to work in it. It was one of those moments where I did not want to start something on a blank page.  I am not typically intimidated with the “blank page”, as many people are.  The “messy middle” is a much more formidable place to be in my opinion!  I can get stuck there for what feels like forever!  But on this day I wanted to work on something that already implied a background and had some existing imagery.  It was super fun and I will be doing it again.

A Loose Interpretation of a Floral Arrangement

20160811_142722The Flower Recipe Book by Alethea Harampolis is a such a clever book!  When I first discovered it, I was completely taken by it, both for its’ beauty and its’ concise and easy to read formatting.  It is essentially a “cookbook” for flower arranging, each individual arrangement having a “recipe” for its’ creation.  So cool and interesting!  While I am not into arranging flowers necessarily, I did think this would be a great book to use as inspiration for my art!

Here I have done a very loose interpretation in charcoal.  You can see that this is not an exact replication of the photo, rather, in the spirit of it.  This was my goal as I wanted to do something that felt nice and easy and “flowy”.  Perfection was not what I was after.


For the next stage I decided to add some color.  I used gesso and Inktense Pencils, finishing it off with a few butterfly stickers. Here was the lesson.  I liked it so much better without the color. Not replicating the color exactly was purposeful ,again keeping it loose, however I learned that it probably would have looked a bit better if I took the time to get the light and shadow correct. The dark blue in the middle was my least favorite part.  If there is any darkness in the arrangement it is in the succulent off to the right a bit, not in the middle left.

The Lesson Here?  Sometimes it is Possible to go Too Far

Practice and sheer volume of work will help me to learn the stopping points that feel comfortable for me.  Even though I wasn’t thrilled with the addition of color and wished I had kept it as is, I am still able to feel happy with the drawing,  had fun creating it, and learned a few things.  I consider that success when it comes to art making.

Cheers to another week of creativity!  In the comments share with me what have been some of your most valuable lessons about creativity?

 What’s at my Art Table Wednesday will bring new art and life discoveries that you won’t want to miss!

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At My Art Table

What’s at My Art Table Wednesday

August 10, 2016
What's at My Art Table Wednesdays

I am so excited to start this series!

What’s at My Art Table Wednesday

On Wednesday’s I will be showing you what is on my art table for the week.

Here is how it will work.

Some of the art I will be showing will be successful, others not so much. It might be complete or it might not.  I will show my own art and personal creations or, perhaps a class I am taking and would like to share.  It will spread the gamut.


I am all at once enthusiastic and nervous.  Why?  Because I will be showing my imperfect work.  Work that is in progress.  Stuff that might be, dare I say, a bit ugly?

Listen, we all know that if you try lots of anything, and it doesn’t have to be art, sometimes it just gets ugly or doesn’t work out.  That is true no matter what we are doing, whether it is art or some thing else we are taking on.  There is lots of trial and error, lots of learning.

You know, I always hear artist talk about their art that just never quit makes through the “ugly stage”.  All the stuff they make that never makes it out into the world for eyes to see, perfectly curated and pleasing.  I always think to myself, please show us the awkward, not so great stuff that you say you make.  I just want to see it! Don’t you? It is so that I will know that they too make things that go wonky or never really get prettied up, just like me.

So, I thought, if that is something I wish someone would show me, perhaps I will show you!  This whole learning art thing is a journey for me.  A process.  I have learned so much already and yet I have a lifetime of learning yet to come.

That is What What’s on My Art Table Wednesdays are All About

 The Good. The Bad. The Ugly.

Let’s Have a Look

This painting…there is a whole story behind it that I will be sharing in a different post.  However, it was important for me to share it because it represents a moment where I finally figured out something I had been working on for a long time. I love this painting so much.  It is so incredibly vibrant and alive.  I wish you could see it in person. Let’s just say it took me a long time to for something to finally click to where I could produce something I liked as much as this one.


These two together?  Electric and vibrating.  Love them.  The one with all the pink on the left is the second one that came after the one that clicked, on the right. It feels so good to be in the flow with these.

This is the third in the series, with a twist.  See those raised medallions? Those were made with a stencil and joint compound!  Yes, the stuff you get at the hardware store to use on walls!  I think you use it to smooth over the tapping on dry wall?  This is such a cool technique that adds dimension and texture, plus its cheap and easy to acquire!

Here is a close up.  I took my palette knife and knocked down the edges a bit while it was still wet.  Then I used  fine grit sandpaper to smooth out the roughness just a little bit.

It Seems Like Everyone Has a Version of the Whimsy Girl and Here is Mine 


Whimsy girls are so much fun to make but they don’t really feel like me.  I feel a bit like I am wearing someone else’s clothes.  While the clothes might be lovely, it doesn’t mean I feel comfortable in them. Whimsy girls are so sweet and cute and inspirational so I will probably make some more of these at times. But in the end, I suspect that I will move in a different direction.


This is where whimsy girl started out.  Just a collage background with some paint pushed around.


I have added a floral stamp and am playing around with acrylic paint using a cotton swab as an applicator. The red is called alizarin crimson.  It is a luminous stunning color.  This photo does not do it justice.  I love this color and the pink it makes when white is added.


Adding a sketch of whimsy girl.

Here she is!


The sequins on her dress were super fun!  I just love those little details and the texture they bring! Oil pastels were used for her face.



Here is another girl, not precious, cute or whimsical. She has a bit more mystery, a deeper story to tell.

This one looks much different that the previous pieces.


This lady has been on my art table for forevah!!  She may never leave.  I don’t know.  She has gone through many stages and forms, this one.  She still is not done, at all actually.  At one point I just decided to do some radical things like blocking out most of her face with the grey paint and adding in the silver.  In a way, getting so frustrated with a painting can lead you into the state of mind where you are willing to throw anything at it to see what will happen because it is just not working anyway.  Why not just go for it when it is not working anyhow?  So I did.  And I learned some cool things.


See that tape over her eye? Dry wall joint tape.  Cool, huh?  It creates almost a window like effect.  I also enjoy the beading around her face. However, I wish the beads were not covered with glue so that they still sparkled.  Because they are so small I am not sure how to glue them in a way that prevents that.

 See, All Part of the Learning Process!

I learned that I love the bead work.  I also learned that I need to continue to search for a way to glue the beads in a way that allows them to shine.  All of this because I was “going for broke” on a painting that wasn’t working for me.  It is a good reminder that there is a lesson in everything.  Nothing is wasted.


Alright you guys!  That is What is On My Art Table Wednesday for this week.

Let me know what you think in the comment section! If you have questions, ask away! 

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