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 Don’t We All Want More Meaningful Connection In Our Lives?

Connection to each other, within ourselves, and to something bigger. 

We need tools to do this. This is a place to find some tools.



Let’s Talk Story

In Hawaii, where I lived for a few years, I learned this endearing term that means to sit and chat, hang out, shoot the breeze. Man, I love that.  This is the stuff of life. Let’s talk story my friends.

While you’re here 

Discover the Things That Bring You Joy and Peace

We Will Talk About How to Deepen the Relationships Around You

 Find Inspiration and Awaken Your Sense of Wonder and Hopefulness

 Cultivate Spaces in Your Life Where You Can Dig Deep and Get Rooted and Grow

 Have Fun Tapping Into Your Creativity 

Seek Out Some Truth



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We Are Looking to Get Real

In a world that has an awful lot to say about how we should live, think, and act we are looking for more.  We want to feel seen, to be heard, to feel valid. We feel that in our bones. And we want to do that in a safe place. We want to discover the tools we need to create for ourselves a community that will support us, see us for who we are, that will allow us to show up flawed and imperfect but trying none the less. Our spirit is longing for comfort and grace and a soft place to land. That is what I am all about.

What About Creativity?

I believe we are all creative.  I really do.  I have seen self-professed, type A, “non-creatives” sit and stare with awe at the things they were able to create in the classes I have taught.  It lights me up when I see that moment of breakthrough for them.  There is something magical about the creative process.  Somehow it has the ability to crack us wide open and shows us things about ourselves in a fresh new way.  Creativity is a portal.  A portal into more joy, more peace, more inspiration, and a deepening of insight.  That is what it does for me and why I want to share it with you.



In case you think I am too serious, woo woo, or Pollyanna (wait, did you get inside my head?) I want you to know…

  • Singing my own custom Broadway style commercial jingles to my family brings me pure delight.  Some family favorites (not really) include, “Jesse the Kitty” and “My Belly Button is Coming in the Mail”.  I especially like singing these songs to teens as it is mortifying and supremely annoying. The more they cringe the more pronounced I get.  Don’t they know that it only fuels my fire? Can’t they see that? This is the sweetest of delights and is the only revenge a parent can have on their children that is socially acceptable and legal. I’ll take it.
  • When I was a child I really really wished I could be a Solid Gold dancer.  Remember that show?  Actually, I still really really wish I could be a Solid Gold dancer.
  • Don’t, under any circumstances, touch my chocolate.  I don’t care if we are family or friends and we are supposed to love one another and share and all that.  Yada, Yada, Yada.
  • Man, I love me some good enchiladas.  Let me tell you.  I am from Texas and I know a good enchilada when I see one. I don’t even have to taste it, I can just look at it and know if it is good. There are no good enchiladas where I live in Florida. I’ve tried. I’ve been to all the places.  They aren’t there.  It really ticks me off.  I am not kidding. I am embittered about it.

I am Happy You are Here With Me  

Let’s “Talk Story” My Friends

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