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What’s at My Art Table Wednesday

August 31, 2016

Every Wednesday I will be showing you what is on my art table for the week.

Here is how it will work:

What’s at my Art Table Wednesday will show some art that will be successful, others not so much. The art might be complete or it might not.  I will show my own art and personal creations or, perhaps a class I am taking and would like to share.  It will spread the gamut.

Remember, in addition to my successes,  I will be showing my imperfect work.  Work that is in progress.  Things I have learned and how I am growing.

Let’s Check Out What’s At My Art Table the Week of August 31


An Abstract Interpretation of a Coastal Horizon


This is a piece that has gone through so many transformations!  I wish I had photos of all the stages and hope to do more of that in the future.  I imagine it might continue to transform and take on new shapes.  That is the brilliant thing about acrylic paint.  If you don’t like it or just want to continue to experiment, just paint over it!

I painted this piece intuitively, meaning that I had no preconceived idea at the beginning for what I would create.  I just started pushing paint around until it began to take shape. Originally the under painting was completely different both in form and color. The only thing left from the original piece is the red circle which became the abstract setting sun, everything else has been covered up.

I have mixed feelings about this piece, not really sure if I am loving it.  It probably is not my style but was fun to create.  However, something I love are the blues on the right hand side. They  are so luminescent and beautiful.  The photos do not do it justice.  It is a bit like stained glass, just gorgeous.



Sweet Little Angels

Continuing in the online class I am taking, Spirit Wings by Kelly Rae Roberts, I created this angel.

The Angel of Courage


She says, “Be not dismayed by fear.

Be centered in trust.”

I love making these angels.  There will be six in all by the time I am done, each one having her own theme.  Centering myself in trust, or grounding myself in trust, is often what I try to do when I am in fear. I find that if I am able to do this I gain perspective, wisdom and comfort. Creating art around these life themes is its’ own form of comfort and has a sense of finding center.



I Finally Try Oil Paints for the First Time!

Working with oil paints is something I have wanted to do for a long time but have always been intimidated to do so. When I heard that one of my favorite painters, Emily Jeffords, was pairing up with The Crafter’s Box I knew I was in!  If you don’t know who Emily Jeffords is be sure to check her out.  She is an abstract impressionistic painter who works in oils and makes the most lovely abstract landscape paintings I have seen.  I would love to own a piece of her work at some point.

The Crafter’s Box is a monthly subscription for crafters.  They pair up with artists of all types who create a project in their genre. Then they curate a set of products, everything that you need, to complete the project.  When the time comes they then teach you how to make the project.  I think it is a fantastic idea and took all of the intimidation out of the project as they have you covered from start to finish. I would not even know where to begin to do an oil painting.  Emily  hand-picked all the products which I thought was awesome! Her sense of color is one of my favorite things about her paintings and this kit included her chosen color palette.  Really, it was just so simple.


This painting could still probably use some tweaking but all in I am pretty satisfied with my first go ’round with oils.  It was interesting to see and feel the difference between oils and acrylic paint.

Here is My Synopsis

Oils stay wet, FOREVER!!  While I knew this going into it, it was still so bizarre that I could move the paint around for, literally, days after the application.  I could go away and come back the next day and continue working as if I had never stopped.  So strange feeling as acrylics dry in mere minutes.  This painting took several days to dry to completion.

Space is an order to do oil painting it seems.  I have an itty bitty work area (which I will give a tour of soon) that I can make work for everything I want to do thus far.  It is just a matter of doing lots of mini clean ups and staying organized.  Oils on the other hand need lots of space where they can sit, undisturbed and untouched while drying.  Imagine if you had more that one canvas going at once, all of them with wet paint!

This easel sat of to the side of a hallway.  I just prayed that no one would touch it, for DAYS while it was drying! Imagine if a part of a wall to your house was wet and everyone had to scoot around it.  That is a bit what it felt like. Stressful!  My verdict is that oil painting might need a bit more space than I currently have!  I probably will wait for a bit until I pick it up again but I am so, so glad I had this opportunity to try it out!

Just so you know, I am not affiliated in any way but just love to share resources.

Thanks for joining me for What’s at my Art Table Wednesday!

Have any of you experimented with oil paints?  What did you think?  Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts on how it went for you!


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  • Bonnie September 4, 2016 at 12:51 am

    Oh how I love your abstract coastal ocean painting! It is so beautiful and totally one of my favourite styles of painting … I love that you went into it without know what you wanted to paint … and then watched it take shape!

    I like this angel too … It’s funny but my eye is constantly drawn to the delicate leaves along the top of the painting. It’s such a soft place for my eyes to stop. And in such contrast to the bold, beautiful angel below. I really like that … the contrast.

    And you know I love your oil painting! I hope we try oils in my art class soon! I could try them at home, but I’m going to wait, at least for now … I have plenty of other projects on the go that I need to finish first! 🙂