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How to Set Up Your Travel Art Kit

Create Your Travel Art Kit

Don’t Let Overwhelm Stop You!

Not enough time.  Too many supplies.  What should you bring? 

If your using it at home or slinging it into your backpack for a day out,

this kit can make your art accessible and fun.

Come discover my exact formula for my travel art kit

10 pages full of tips, photos, and ideas


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Featured Class!

“Art of Renewal”

Create a Fresh Start in Your Journal

A Mixed Media Online Art Workshop



We often feel like we need to press pause.

Busy life, social media, & perfection can keep us stuck. 

But what if you could tell a different story? 

Where you felt hopeful, refreshed, inspired

That’s this class.

Using collage, paint, doo dads, and words, we will find inspiration towards the truth  

You Can Get Renewed

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Art + Community

art journal class

Soulful Sketchbook

Creativity can light up your curiosity and bring inspiration.

  • create your own handmade collage
  • push paint around in your journal
  • bring in lots of fresh texture
  • explore feeling free and having fun while making art
This class has and approachable, friendly style with an invitation to relax, try new things, and let art be your friend.
By the end of this course,
it’ll feel like you went to the spa for your creative soul.
I can’t wait to see you in class!
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Make Art + Feel Happy



Join me and 29 other teachers

A year long art adventure

Let art be a part of your self care

Make new art friends

Look forward to a new lesson every week


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Join Me For a Year Long Adventure

In your art, don’t you want to…

Feel free & have fun

Learn lots of cool art techniques 

Get new lessons Every. Single. Week

Pick the art brains of 27 teachers

Gain a whole community of like minded art friends


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Join me to Learn About Color and be Inspired!


This mixed media art course is

focused on color and color theory

and the beauty of our world and the human spirit!

It runs four months

and includes 16 inspiring art teachers.

It’s so much fun!

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I’m a Guiest on The Get Messy Podcast

Where we talk about:

Art being inherently vulnerable

How we can cultivate self trust through listening, allowing, and supporting ourselves

Working to your strengths and giving yourself credit

How to nourish your artist self

Measuring and comparing yourself to others

Having a small skillset and being a beginner

Building your window of tolerance for growth

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