10 Free Online Art Classes Curated For You

One of my favorite things in the world is online art classes. I teach them and I’ve taken about a million myself. They help us to grow as artists, teach us techniques we never knew about before, and keep us company in the studio. Today, I’ll be sharing with you my curated list of ten free online art classes.

I’ve been a part of an artist business group for the last year.

Before that, I’d been going at business alone, which is very typical for an artsy online business.

But let me tell you, I DO NOT enjoy that much isolation. So, it’s been a real gift to me to have met some great people in the group. Other artists and teachers who are smart and innovative. They’re collaborative and generous. I’ve been blown away at just how accomplished, caring, and creative they all are.

They’ve worked hard on these classes and love sharing them with others. This list is a treasure box full of workshops to help you grow your art practice with lots of love and enthusiasm. Plus, you’ll learn some art skills to boot! (there’s my Texas comin’ out 🤠)

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Here are Ten Free Art Classes I’ve Curated Just For You

1. Gratitude Heart Journal-Alison Wells

In this mini Art Course, Alison walks you through her Playful Gratitude HeArt Journal video tutorials, where she shares her popular Mixed Media Collage techniques, the supplies she uses, and
a whole lot of HeArt ❤️  & Gratitude.

2. Fringe Flip Book-Brooke Henry

Let Brook teach you how to make a flip book from start to finish! Using supplies that you most likely already have on hand, she will teach you how to create a custom art journal. She’ll be showing you how to make customizable flip outs and pockets giving you all of the ingredients you need to make tailor-made journals to your unique style!

3. Fabric Recipes-Jayne Emerson

Permission to play with fabric via a series of prompts! Play the Fabric Recipes game anytime you need inspiration. In this course you will learn more about Jayne’s playful, open approach to fabric.

4. Fragments-Francisca Nunes

Gather the pieces that inspire you to create. Fragments is a free art class for mixed media creatives. Create an art journal with the fragments that inspire you and get ready to be inspired every time you open it to create.

5. Mini Muse Makers-Delight Rogers

Join Delight to explore the magic of mixed media layering and dive into a new world of creative possibilities! In this project, you will discover firsthand how bits of paper, fabric, lace and jewels can become the starting point for whimsical and magical little muses.

6. Collage Kickstart-Catherine Rains

Create 7 types of collage papers from a place of playful experimentation, and then use them to easily make a collage series that all works together.

7. Build Your Creativity: Board Book Basics!-Drew Steinbrecher

Board books are so much more interesting than a typical sketchpad. Aaaand, they’re a total blast! With just a few tips Drew can help you learn the ins and outs to collaging in board books.

8. The Essence of Landscape-Susan Mccreevy

Join Susan in the world of Collage Papers, inspired by stunning landscapes and intricate textures. Venture into the heart of nature, drawing inspiration from rock formations and wave patterns on the shores. Create unique prints with tactile elements like sand, strings, and fabric, and let your creativity capture the magic of nature in captivating works of art.

9. Inspiration Look Book-Stacy Spangler

Do you struggle some days to find inspiration for your paintings? Are you still trying to develop your own unique style? Join Stacy in this online course as you’ll take a look at her process for collecting inspiration, experimenting with mixed media techniques and playing with ideas. She’ll show you how to create your own Inspired Look Book that will help you grow as an artist and motivate you to create on a regular basis.

10. Toolkit for Artful Collaborations-Emily Mann

Emily’s new Artist’s Guide to Working with Art Consultants + Interior Designers is jam-packed with info that will get you well on your way to working within this niche. Let’s get your art out into the world!

Plus a Bonus! One More Free Online Art Class

11. My Free Class-Wholeness Found

A class that helps artist to find self-love in their practice by making art feel approachable, open and free.


Which Free Online Art Class Will You Try First?

I hope you enjoy this list of 10 Free Online Art Classes. Let me know in the comments which one is the most appealing to you. I can’t wait to see how you grow.

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2 thoughts on “10 Free Online Art Classes Curated For You

  1. Emily Geleske says:

    This is fabulous – I know of you and of Francisca Nunes, but the other artists on this list are new to me. I can’t wait to look at these classes and learn more about them. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Shay Kent says:

    Hi Emily! You are so welcome. You’re in for a real treat. There’s so much good stuff here.

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