5 Beautiful Things for Creatives Like us at Jeanne Olivers Art Workshop

Shay Michelle Studios at Jeanne Oliver Retreat Workshop

An Honest Review of a Jeanne Oliver’s Art Workshop

Can you imagine going to a place full of natural light and texture with art supplies spilling over? Or being completely pampered, every detail thought through, feeling welcomed, and ushered into bountiful creativity? How about eating from a lavish buffet of food where every component has been thought about and fussed over?

If Jeanne Oliver’s creative workshop looks fabulous on social media, it’s even better in person.

In this post, I’m going to give you an insider’s view of this one-of-a-kind experience. From the lavender mimosas to the adorable little Italian antique escargot pots that double as paint pots gifted to us by Dreamy Whites Life Style, it’s something to behold.

For forever, I’ve wanted to go to this retreat. For years, I’ve seen pretty vignettes and delicious food on social media displayed in her studio and home. I’ve seen the creative women gathered together, talking, sharing, and looking blissfully happy. And now, I’ve finally gone, and I’m here to tell you, it’s as good as it looks.Let’s dive in.

1. Creative Beauty Spills Over Everywhere

Jeanne Oliver maker studio

Jeanne’s spaces are artful and thoughtfully curated, from the sun-filled studio to her home that she generously opens to us. The cutlery is silver; the handtowels are Turkish and draped casually over an iron hook, and even the sink and beeswax cubed soap make you perk up and notice. I’m not sure if there’s a plastic piece in there. No, it’s weathered wood, French linen, original handcrafted art and sculpture, flowers, music; the list could never end. Yet, it doesn’t just feel like beauty. It feels like something that nurtures your spirit.

2. Every Detail is Lavishly Taken Care of

french picnic basket with hand calligraphy menu and french bread and wine
fig arugula burrata salad charcuterie board

As an artist and creative, seeking out creative experiences is essential. And finding our fellow creatives to partner with and learn from is life-giving. As creatives, we want to see what’s around the corner, learn new art techniques, and soak in the beauty. Jeanne Oliver provides this lavishly. It is given generously and thoughtfully through the food and in the studio. In fact, her whole family is in on it. From the first day greeting, where they take your name after you drive through the gate and down the gravel drive, to the way her husband Kelly parks your car for you behind the studio and then leaves you a little card with directions on your dashboard to make sure you know exactly where your meeting for dinner. It’s all in there!

3. Generosity and Abundance are the Themes of this Creative Workshop

art supplies brushes, pencils, pastels, easles
wooden bowl and scoop with dried flower tea and tea bags
wooden table with pistachios and chocolates in wooden bowl with scoops and art and flowers
wooden bowl with fabric, books, honeycomb, natural materials

Abundance is everywhere, from the bowls overfilling with creative goodies to a constant stream of surprises coming from behind closed doors. Every detail, every care is taken. You experience it through something as simple as the compound butter to go with bakery bread, to walking through the studio doors in the morning greeted by the make your own dried tea bar housed in carved wooden bowls with little wooden scoops. It truly is beauty everywhere. So when Jeanne Oliver says she believes you can use your gifts for good, she’s not kidding.

4. The Whole Family Dotes Over You with Warmth and Care

Jeanne Oliver and wild and bloom flower truck
flower truck with women picking flowers
pink flower arrangment
white flowers in flower truck
Shay Michelle Studios with flower arrangement

And I think the most important thing I can never tell you about here on this post or show you in the beautiful photos is the way it feels. How welcoming, how inviting, how intentional the retreat worshop experience is designed. You need not lift a finger or stress about not knowing how to make something. You can just take it all in, absorb what’s being so kindly offered and let yourself be carried away by the experience. It’s so clear that that’s their intention. To fully anticipate your every need before you even know you have it.

5.You Will Want to Come Back Year After Year

eco dyed handmade books
art supplies on table with botanicals
Italian antique escargot pot used for art

It’s a real treat my friends. That’s hard to find in this world and something for which you cannot pay. There is no amount of money or resources that can get you this kind of thoughtfulness from people who care. It’s exceptional, not common. No wonder people come back over and over again. It’s a standard question, “is this your first time?” More often than not, the answer is no. It’s my second or my third, or I try to come every year. Yes, I can see why. Now it’s my turn. Only next year, I’m bringing my daughter so we can share it together.

Jeanne Oliver’s Workshops are so Good I Had to Share

Shay Michelle Studios and Jeanne Oliver in the living studio

And hey, so you know, I’m not affiliated. I was touched and felt so good coming out of this workshop that I had to share it with you. So if you have a chance to go, I’m pretty sure you know what I’m going to say. GO! And maybe I’ll see you there. For my second time.

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A Little More Eye Candy for You

women gathered around table cutting eco dyed fabric
Jeanne Oliver studio fireplace and handmade pigments
art journal eco dyed fabric paint pencils French Linen

For more information visit Jeannes site HERE.All the best and maybe I’ll see you there!

20 thoughts on “5 Beautiful Things for Creatives Like us at Jeanne Olivers Art Workshop

  1. Deborah Collins says:

    Omg Shay, I got goosebumps reading this post! Wow, it looks heavenly! I definitely want to find out how to go. Thank you so much for sharing!!!!

  2. Barbara Valdez says:

    Shay, thank you for the visual walk down memory lane. It was everything you described. I’m looking forward to going again.

  3. Shay Kent says:

    I’m so glad you feel that way. It’s so fun to stroll down memory lane and relive it again. Until next time…!

  4. Shay Kent says:

    It was SO heavenly. It just filled me right up! You’re so welcome on the share and maybe I’ll see you there one day.

  5. Kathryn Annis says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this – just looking at the pictures and reading about it makes me feel creative and happy!

  6. Deborah Collins says:

    Was there a specific workshop you attended? I looked at their website and all the workshop names are different. Plus everything seems to be sold out for this year. I hope to be able to attend one day. It just looks like heaven!!!!🙂

  7. Cindy Wahlstrom says:

    Beautiful photos of your journey to a special place. I hope to someday take one of her workshops. Thank you for sharing!

  8. Shay Kent says:

    I attended Field Notes-Flora & Fauna. They were sold out, but I got in on a waitlist and got a spot. I would suggest getting on Jeanne Oliver’s newsletter list to stay informed for next year. I imagine they will go on sale around January? But I’m not really sure about that. I know they sell out extremely fast, so follow her and be ready to get a seat when they become available. Good luck!

  9. Shay Kent says:

    Thank you for following along! It’s been fun to share and remember with everyone. Such a good retreat!

  10. Shay Kent says:

    You’re welcome Kathryn! Isn’t that so fun that you can just see all these creative pretty things in photos and feel inspired? I love that. Thank you for following along!

  11. Shay Kent says:

    Hi Cindy! I hope you can take a workshop soon too. It’s so worth it. Maybe I’ll see you there!

  12. Andrea Garvey says:

    Oh my!!!! Beautiful blog post Shay! I too have been blessed to go to Jeanne Oliver’s studio in Colorado and there is nothing like it. It’s such an incredible experience the minute you walk in until the minute you leave. Jeanne loves on you like no other can do.

  13. Shay Kent says:

    It’s suprises around every corner, isn’t it? Details and delights hour by hour. There really aren’t enough things to say. I could’ve written pages to describe the experience. It’s so fun we’ve been able to go and have a seat at her table.

  14. Michele says:

    I saw in your comments you attended flora and fauna. I’m going to the same workshop in September (just a few weeks). I too got in on the waitlist and I am really looking forward to the workshop and visiting Colorado. Finally doing something for me and I know it will all be worth it. Thank you for sharing your experience. Now I’m even more excited. 🙂

  15. Michele says:

    I am going in September…just a few weeks. I too got in on the WL. I am so looking forward to this workshop and staying a few extra days in CO. I finally did something for myself. Now I’m even more excited..cannot wait. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Kathy says:

    I got in to her upcoming Flora & Fauna next month! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be going. I had a feeling it would be an experience exactly like your story & photos describe…I truly can’t wait. It looks like artist heaven.

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