A Basket of Creative Goodies to Help During Hard Times

March Collection

I wanted to tell you a fun little story about how my superpower-passion from forever ago is sharing all kinds of fun tidbits and discoveries with my people. Something along the lines of, I kinda have this funny superpower where I LOVE to dig up cool things I think are fantastic to see/do/hear and share them. I’m one of those people who are “in the know,” I guess you could say.

But the truth is, with everything going on right now, it doesn’t feel quite right. So, instead, I want to do a teeny tiny part to lift your creative spirit. We are suffering, along with the world. There’s no doubt about that. But maybe for the briefest of moments, we can remember hope and love and how creativity helps us get through the hard stuff.

So, here’s my little basket of creative goodies I’ve collected for you that I hope will nurture your spirit. And we’ll story together next time. Until then…

Follow along for some good news
LIsten as Debbie Millman shares how design + life work together
Watch and listen as Mandy Harvey shares her newest song inspired by mental health awareness
Read how you can become a part of the Sketchbook Project

What did you think? Do you feel a bit uplifted and inspired?Is your load lightened a bit?Drop me a comment and let me know which was your favorite and why.

All the best,


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