I’m a good listener


Listening with my heart, attentive, open,  and honest is how I go into conversations.

How does this help me to be a better artist?  When I listen I get insight into peoples’ lives, how they are feeling, what they are going through, what lights them up on the inside. 


 tell me your story


I hear the things you care about, what you wish for or are waiting on, the ways you need to feel encouraged, how you love to connect to your mom or your friend, what you like to do with your significant other, the hopes you have for your children.  



stories are the gateway

to your heart


I create art that tells your stories


Whether it is buried deep with in the layers of the painting with words and symbols in pen and ink or in the beauty of the colors. Maybe right up front and center with beautiful quotes. They all tell a story.  Your story and my story.


Being creative has been a part of my life as long as I can remember.  When I am creating I feel more grounded and inspired. I am excited to bring all of that to you, whether it be through teaching, art or simply, encouraging words.




What Other People Are Saying…

  The things I love

  • I am a Texas girl living in Florida.  I LOVE it here!  I cannot get enough of the ocean and the sand and the sunsets.  It is the best.  
  • Married with three kids, family life is my happy place.
  • My friends have always been family to me.  I am very intentional in cultivating and growing these relationships.  They mean everything to me.

Lastly, please be encouraged by the things you read and see here.  I hope you take with you a little bit of peace, some joy and encouragement.