Art Advent-2 Art Projects Projects I Recommend This Holiday Season 2023

Christmas mixed media artwork

Last year, I discovered the giddy joy of an art advent calendar. Like an excited little girl, in the dark of the lingering morning, I’d come down the stairs, pluck myself down next to the Christmas tree, and pull those little red-numbered kraft envelopes, one for each day. 

With my coffee steaming next to me, I’d pry open the flap to reveal the little art goodie inside (It was the Ali Edwards Advent Calendar full of stickers, labels, and paper doo dads, all in Christmas theme). 

It was my first time, and I had no idea how much fun the next 24 days would bring.

It showed me how much I loved that little bright beginning to the day.

When else do you have a new little surprise each day for a few weeks?

Instead of an advent calendar this year, I’m doing a few projects in that same spirit. I’m so excited to take that little moment to do something fun and special just for me. And I’m excited to share it with you, too!

Check Out The Two Art Advent Projects I’ll be Participating in This Year

1. Care December– This year’s theme is blue. It is BEAUTIFUL! Kasia, the teacher, is so calming and quirky fun. It will be my first year, and I can’t wait to see what it’s all about. Self-care+art+holiday magic? Sign me up!

Care December Everything Art 2023

2. Ali Edwards Mixed Media Collage Ornaments– Oh my! Wait till you see what she’s created. Oh, the possibilities! And the clever way she’s displayed all those ornaments together in a wall hanging? Makes me want to do the same! If you click above, it’ll take you to her YouTube Channel to learn how to create them. I only included one link, but I encourage you to poke around there because she’s got a few videos about the project including her finished piece. It’s amazing! Keep in mind, this isn’t a guided day by day advent project, but if you made an ornament a day, it could be just that.

Ali Edwards Mixed Media Collage Ornaments

They’re all free so…bonus!!! 

 I hope you enjoy this Art Advent Adventure!

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