Artist Holiday Gift Guide 2023

the artist gift guide

Welcome to your Artist Holiday Gift Guide 2023, where I’ve put goodies that I love to give (or receive).

I’ve scoured my studio and have curated this list of treats from the things in my studio I love the most.

I’ve given these gifts countless times myself, and people always seem to love ’em. They’re tried and true, the real deal, and sure to make any artist feel inspired, happy, and ready to create!

Holiday Gift Guide 2023

1. Sketchbook Explorations: For Mixed Media and Textile Artists ($25)

If my house blew away in a hurricane this is the one artist book I’d grab and take with me. If you love texture, creating collections and using bits of nature in your work, this book is for you.

2. STALOGY 018 Editor’s Series 365 Days Notebook ($18)

This smooth, lightweight journal is my favorite. I have five of them and have given several. Whether you’re using it with pen, watercolor, or mixed media it is a joy. The 365 pages are thin, it lays flat and gets that awesome crinkle I love when you sling watercolor onto it.

3. Delfonics Inner Carrying Case ($23)

This cute multi-pocketed pouch comes in a bunch of colors and can carry it all! Equipped with tons of pockets, it’s lightweight, fits perfectly in your hand, sits upright, and has a smooth zipper. It checks all the boxes for a perfect art pouch! You could even use it as the “gift wrap” for other art supplies you stuff inside.

4. Arteza Gouache Paint Set 60 Colors ($48)

This gouache paint set is like a treasure box to open. Sixty tubes of paint cover a wide array of all your favorite colors. What a delight! And the quality is fantastic for the price.

5. HOJKMA 2 Pack Mesh Steel Storage Organizer Basket ($35)

I love using these steel organizer baskets in my studio for individual projects. The handle allows me to carry them from room to room, and they hold a lot of stuff! Super practical yet cute enough to leave out on the table. Also, these would make great baskets for any other gifts or art supplies you’d like to give. Just tie on a ribbon and you’re good to go.

6. SAKURA Koi Pocket Field Sketch Kit ($27)

I’ve given this watercolor set as gifts at least four times (and counting!) I this highly portable set myself. I can pack it into my pouch and off I go! To the couch, in the car, or on vacation, it comes with me everywhere. The quality is great and there are enough colors to keep you satisfied and curious.

7. Yoassi Extra Fine 18/8 Stainless Steel Tea Infuser ($12)

This tea infuser isn’t technically an art supply, but what studio is complete without something hot to drink while you’re creating? Easy to clean, it comes with it’s own little dish to set it on top of, and lots of space to let the tea leaves float so that they can infuse lots of flavor.

8. Botanicum ($30)

This beautiful illustrated botanical book by artist Katie Scott has loads of flowers, trees, and all kinds of flora and fauna that I love to cut out and use in my own collage pieces. In one sitting I have them all cut out, stored away and ready to go for when I’m ready to create.

9. Art Alternatives Enamel Butcher Tray 7×10.5 inches ($8)

This enalmel tray is just the thing to hold all my acrylic paint dollops as I’m painting. I love the shape, the size and how easy it is to clean. Simply soak with water for a few hours and peel away all of the paint.

10. Shay Michelle Art Workshop ($65)

These art workshops are like a spa for your creative soul. Super fun, inspiring, and relaxing, they are the perfect gift for any artist wishing to let go and be free.

In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed this Artist Gift Guide. Grab something for an artist you love or for yourself! Please share with anyone you know who is looking for the perfect gift to give their artist. Happy holidays!

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  1. Leigh says:

    What artist wouldn’t want one of each of these gift ideas?! Thanks Shay, for sharing this gift guide with various price points.

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