Covid-19 Five Simple Moments That Bring Me Life

5 Simple Moments That Brings Me Life:

  1. Food.  I’m loving making it and eating it.  Junky stuff like enchiladas and chocolate.  Healthy stuff like salads and smoothies.
  2. Mealtime.  Most nights my family comes together to eat dinner.  My gosh, it’s the highlight of the whole day.  My kids are older now, so under normal circumstances, we really aren’t together that much anymore.  But it’s different now.  This weird time has given me a big dose of family time like it used to be, that wouldn’t normally be happening.
  3. Being outside.  This is saving me right now.  I love to be outside.  Every time I go out, I can see, the trees are just the same.  The sun is still up.  Things are alive.  They are not withering away.   They are alive and just as they were yesterday and just as they will be tomorrow. 
  4. Marriage.  It’s good to be married to someone you like.  Companionship is the stuff of life.
  5. All the generosity in the world.  Have you noticed?  Wow!  Lots of caring, kind people.  At our core, most of us innately need each other and want to help each other survive.  We are biologically made to live communally and in societies that are supportive and safe. I believe this is our authentic core.  Some of us lose our way or don’t live in this space.  We all know this.  But primarily, we are seeking ways to help our fellow man.  We can see in now more than ever.

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