Six Things That Bring Me Hope

Things bringing me hope right now:

  1. Finding the good in the world.  It’s amazing to see the innovation and generosity coming from people. 
  2. Remembering my personal history and strength.  Things I’ve been through and overcome. I feel more empowered knowing I’ve been through a lot and I get to bring resiliency and skills  I’ve learned into my future.  
  3. Allowing all the feelings.  Being extra compassionate and understanding with myself. And normalizing all the so-called negative feelings.  They are all valid and normal. This helps curb frustration and fears.  It also promotes ongoing healing.
  4. Recognizing uncertainty is one of the most uncomfortable feelings.  We will do all kinds of things to curb this, including pulling from our past to predict our future, over researching, numbing, oversimplifying or overexaggerating.   Again, this is normal. I’m noticing and finding compassion for it. 
  5. Lowering expectations on myself.  For things like being productive.  Or creative. In my parenting.  Or my spiritual life. How I am “handling things”.  Just being in this new environment can take a lot out of me.  Now might not be the time to rev up my engine on other things.  It might be a time to let go.
  6. Self-care practices. Rest. Fresh air. Exercise. Eat healthily.  Reaching out to others.  It’s within my control and is good for me.  

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