Create and Thrive Audio Summit

Create and Thrive Audio Summit

It’s time for the Create and Thrive Audio Summit!

I remember last year when mixed media artist Roben-Marie Smith released her Create and Thrive Audio Summit for the first year. I thought, what the heck is this cool thing, and how can I join? 

I’d never heard of an audio summit before. But I’m so glad I listened in. 

It was easy, and I learned a ton. Just my speed. 

The expert guests were top-notch and inspirational.

Well, I’m excited to share that

 I’m a guest this year!

My topic, “How Sketchbooks Are Like Little Friends,” has been a lifeline to me.

You see, creativity has always felt like the most kind, patient and fun friend, helping me though hard times, showing me joy, and helping to me stay curious. I had so much fun unpacking that concept in this conversation.

So if you’re looking for fresh new ways to grow your relationship with your creativity by exploring how it can nurture you even more, this is just the thing for you.

It’s FREE! 

Reserve your seat at

🎉And in case you didn’t hear, it features 6 other phenomenal speakers who are sharing their stories on why they started art journaling, their tips for getting started and so much more that will inspire you.

Also, If you’d like to learn more about how to set up your mixed media art travel kit using one of your new journal friends, grab your guide HERE!

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