Exciting! You’re Invited to Nest Fest With Roben Marie Smith

Shay Michelle Nest Fest with Roben Marie Smith

I have some exciting news! I’ll be teaching a class at the upcoming Nest Fest with Roben Marie Smith, an incredible free online art festival, on May 19!

Running from May 8-19, Nest Fest promises daily sessions exploring various art mediums, with a special focus on diving deep into art tools and supplies.

Nest Fest with Roben Marie Smith Wendy Brightbill Lisa Goddard Marsha Valk Andrea Chebelue Mary Beth Shaw Julie Hamilton Tracey Wozniak Stephanie Lee Joy Ting Charde Anjuli Johnson

How to Use Adhesives to Create Mixed Media Art

In my class, we’ll be delving into the world of adhesives, and I’d absolutely love for you to join me on this creative journey!

If I were to ask you what your favorite art supply is, I sure bet it wouldn’t be ADHESIVES, right?? Poor adhesives, so left out.

Listen, adhesives make all of our mixed media dreams come true! They are the foundation upon which our mixed media pieces are built upon. And if you have the right one? Well, you avoid all kinds of disasters and frustration. I’m a big ol’ adhesive nerd, and you will be too after you take this lesson.

Adhesives and Art Mediums on a Table

12 Days. 12 Teachers. 12 Art Supplies to Explore

But here’s the best part—

Nest Fest isn’t just about my class. There’s a whole lineup of amazing sessions to explore, including Stephanie Lee’s introduction to Texture. You know I love me some texture, as it builds up the history and “story” of our artwork. Imagine creating artwork that feels like you can step into it, run your fingers across its’ craggily lines, and peer beneath all the layers you’ve made. Sign. Us. Up!

The beauty of this event? You have the freedom to tailor your experience. Whether you’re intrigued by one specific medium or eager to try them all, the choice is yours!

And with classes running for just 20-30 minutes each and available on demand for a full 24 hours, fitting creativity into your schedule has never been easier.

Best of all, Nest Fest is completely free, and it’s open to creatives of all levels. So why wait? Join us today. 😊

Ready to dive in? Secure your spot now by registering HERE.

Can’t wait to see you there, Shay!

Nest Fest with Roben Marie Smith May 8-19

Explore the Teachers For Nest Fest with Roben Marie Smith

Andrea Chebeleu (A Work of Heart Studio) @aworkofheartstudio

Anjuli Johnson (The Far Pavilion) @thefarpavilion

Roben-Marie Smith @robenmarie

Joy Ting Charde @joycharde

Julie Hamilton @juliehamiltoncreative

Lisa Goddard @lisagoddardart  

Marsha Valk @marshavalk

Mary Beth Shaw @mbshaw

Shay Michelle @shaymichellestudios

Stephanie Lee @stephanieleemaker

Tracey Wozniak (Studio 16THREE) @marmalade.mondays

Wendy Brightbill @wendybrightbill

Hosted by Roben-Marie Smith (The Roben’s Nest & Roben-Marie Studio) @robenmarie & @therobensnest.

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