Fear of The Blank Page be Gone! 3 Tips to Get You Back to Your Journal.

The blank page can feel daunting. How the heck do you even start?

Fear no more! I’ve got three tips to help you look at the blank page in a fresh, new way.

If there was a room full of blank pages, I’d say, sign me up! These three tips make me feel excited to start a new journal spread every time I sit down to create. I’m excited to share them with you today.

So, if you want to crack open that journal, here are my top three reasons to love the blank page.

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Top 3 Reasons to Love the Blank Page

  1. The blank page means possibilities. No commitments. Lots of options. Blank pages create opportunities to learn, grow, and help you to feel free.
  2. When you face that blank page and know you can be free, you can let loose all life’s troubles, take a deep breath and go for it. There aren’t a lot of places in adult living where you can rest, explore, mess up, get dirty, and play. But art is one of them. That’s a good reason to roll up your sleeves, pull the paint (markers, paper, etc.,) and let yourself go.
  3. You become a better artist. The more you can play around, fiddle with art supplies, stay curious, and try new things, the better you become. Who knows? One mark, color, or design choice could lead you down a new path you’ve never seen before. That’ll keep you fresh and excited to see what’s next for you in your art practice.

So, does this make you want to get in there and tackle the blank page? 

Grab your journal. Reach for whatever supply feels good at the moment. And lay it on boldly.

Remember, it can all get covered up or altered in the next layer.

I want to encourage you to develop a playful relationship with the blank page. A relationship where you can be yourself, try things on with no commitments, and feel no pressure.

This is part of the foundational tools I’ve built my art practice on.  It supports me and helps me a ton, plus it keeps it fun and fresh.  I think it’ll help you too!

Good luck!Let go and make something today.

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How do you tackle the blank page? Leave a comment below and let us know.

Fill up those pages!Just think of the learning, growth, and fun you can have!

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