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Sometimes You Want to Make Art But Feel Jumbled, Maybe All You Need is a Good Art Journaling Prompt…

It can be easy to be overwhelmed and not know where to start making art. Today, I’m sharing the things I think about before and during my art making session that help guide me towards what I want to make and the way I want to feel while creating. I’m excited to gift them to you with this pretty downloadable worksheet. Simply print, cut them out, and pull out an art journaling prompt card to get your mind tuned into where you want to go.

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Why do You Need Art Journaling Prompts?

  •  You’re pooped and know it’d feel so good to make something. You wish someone would hand you an idea and you didn’t have to think. 
  •  You’re overwhelmed and wanna get all these feelings out.  Art helps,  but where do you start?
  •  You don’t know what kind of art you’re in the mood for.  But you know you wanna create something.  Any ideas?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found myself thinking the same thing. Don’t worry. I gotcha.

So, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve to figure out what I need and how to get going that I’m sharing with you today.  

How Art Journaling Prompts Help While Making Art

When I’m making art, these are the exact things I tune into to figure out which direction to go and how I want to make it.  

I’d say they’re Guiding Principles for how to tune in FIRST, then go make your art.

Using art journaling prompts can help you:

  • Become unstuck by giving you new ideas or a shift in directions.
  • Tune into your body to know if your are feeling energized or calm. This can translate into your artwork by what colors you use or how your brushstrokes look or what size you want to paint.
  • Find your artistic voice by observing and understanding yourself as an artist.
  • Grow confidence by being open to something new while also honoring who you are as an artist.
  • Creates adventure and fun. And THAT helps you to feel free and to make more art.  

Grow as an Artist. Get Your Free Art Journaling Prompts Now!

Art meets you where up are.  

Try these art journaling cards during your next creative session to become unstuck, find your voice and grow.

I hope you enjoy it. They’re yours FREE to download (and share) with the link below.  

My gift to you. Wishing you the best.💕

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6 thoughts on “Free Art Journaling Prompts

  1. Jakki says:

    Thank you for these prompts – I am more in tune with this type of prompt, rather than words and feelings.

  2. Joan says:

    What a wonderful bit of information ….. Ohhh, you must have read my mind. Seems lately even art is difficult and that breaks my heart because I absolutely love to play in my studio. This will certainly help and it came at the best time — thank you so very much !! xoxo Joan

  3. Shay Kent says:

    Hi Joan! Oh, I so get that. Stuff is tough right now. We are stressed and distracted, with only so much of us to go around. I get it. Art and creativity will wait for us. That’s the beautiful thing about it. It’ll be there when you’re ready.😊

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