How Little Things Make a Big Difference in an Art Business

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Little steps = Big Growth in an Art Business

It’s never been about the big moments. It’s all about the little things, tiny decisions and simple actions that have made the biggest difference in my art business.

Are you working towards something and feel like it’s going so slowly you don’t know if you’re going anywhere at all?

Do you keep hoping that big call, or breakthrough moment, or the final AHA! is on its’ way?

 In this interview with Voyage Tampa, I got a chance to reflect on how important those little steps are to making a difference in my art business.

Almost like kids growing up. We overlook the day-to-day. But take a look that photo of a cubby cheek baby face to a chiseled jaw man-child, and suddenly it becomes real apparent real fast! Lol!

It’s incredible how tiny baby steps add up to something extraordinary.

Because of this interview, I realizeddang, those little things really make a difference…

It was my dream to one day teach one of those art classes I took online. It had made such a difference in my life, and I wanted to share it. After a few years of being the student taking classes, practicing, and getting better at art, they had a call for new contributing artists. Without any knowledge about filming, editing, business, or marketing, I put in for it. Out of hundreds of applicants and only ten spots, I got one of them. I made it in!

Since then, I’ve taught tens of thousands of students online through my art business at Shay Michelle Studios or through collaborations with other artists. In addition, I’ve taught and spoken at in-person workshops and conferences throughout Tampa Bay, sold artwork in cute little boutiques, and shown my artwork at local art shows.

Sharing my journey with my relationship to art and my art business was such a joy with Voyage Tampa where they feature Change-Makers: Stories That Inspire.

💕 You know, while in you’re in the middle, change and progress is slow.

If you’re in need of some encouragement today to keep going or that big things happen in tiny baby steps, or if you just want to read more about my journey, CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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Are you working towards something and feel like it’s going so slowly that you don’t know if you’re going anywhere at all? When have baby steps gotten you where you want to be? Share with us in the comments!

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