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Podcast interview Mind Over Medium

Come listen to my podcast interview with Lea Anne Slotkin at Mind Over Medium.


I once took an intuitive painting class and it was almost the death of my creativity.

I’ll never forget how wild that painting was—uncomposed, full-on technicolor, and garnished with bold brush strokes. When I was “done” (I still had no idea how to finish a painting yet), I shoved that painting behind a dresser, not even looking at it for three or four years. I vowed never to paint like that again; I felt like such a supreme failure.

Has that ever happened to you? Made something you hated? Thought you should throw in the towel on creativity? Felt like you had so much more to say creatively but couldn’t find the tools to express yourself? You’re not alone. And if we’re not careful, one that can stop us in our tracks to growth, fun, and developing our friendship to our creativity.

Luckily, that crazy painting didn’t stop me. Come on over to hear more about what I thought when I pulled out that painting many years later and other encouraging words to make you feel good about your creative journey. We’re in it together!

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