What About Creative Block? A Fresh New Perspective

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What Word Describes Your Relationship to Creativity?

What would it be if you were to describe your relationship to creativity in a word?

Mine word would be FRIEND.

I run a creative business. Because of that, I’m often asked about my creative practice and how to overcome creative block. It’s been a real gift because I’ve had to think a little deeper, putting into words what creativity has done for me.

Looking back over all the years, the thing that stands out is that it’s been like a friend to me. I feel so incredibly grateful. My whole life, creativity has been kind, loving, believing, cheerleading me on. It’s helped me connect to others (you!) and to myself. And it’s been a ton of fun!

Have You Ever Had Creative Block?

Whether I’ve been painting, drawing, writing, or doodling in the margins at school or the time I had a stint with gardening and canning, I’ve felt inspired, cared for, and loved by creativity. It brings a warm little fuzzy to my heart.

Recently, I was interviewed and asked about creative block. There have been loads of times I’ve been creatively blocked.

  • I’ve been sick, where I could do literally nothing.
  • I’ve had kids and been so swamped with family stuff that there wasn’t any space for creativity.
  • There have been times when I just plain don’t feel like creating, no explanation for it.

But you know what? I’ve never seen it as a creative block. It just feels like LIFE.

What if There Was a New Perspective on Creative Block?

When you cultivate your relationship with creativity, put a little mama bear hug of protection around it, and keep focused on what it means to you, how friendly and nurturing and FUN it truly is, it safeguards you from articulating to yourself that you’re “creativity blocked.”

Maybe you feel:

  • Life is just hard right now.
  • You’ve reached a plateau and need to shift around your creative practice.
  • You’re busy, like for real busy, and just can’t.
  • It would help if you had a dose of fresh inspiration.
  • You need to pause, just to pause. It’s really that simple.

And that’s okay.

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Creativity is Your Friend

Your creative practice will wait for you. It will honor you and your real human life. Not the Instagram life we’ve been taught to have.

Creativity is your friend. It will meet you wherever you are, at whatever stage you are at, no perfection or performance necessary. Doesn’t that make you feel so good?

What’s Your Relationship to Creativity?

How would you describe your relationship to creativity?

  • Is it stuck and stiffled?
  • Brand new?
  • Are you coming back to it after a long time away?
  • Or has it been a mainstay in your life?

What are your feelings around your creativity? Share with me in the comments. I love hearing from you!

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2 thoughts on “What About Creative Block? A Fresh New Perspective

  1. Gloria says:

    I’m having a creative block, right now. I’m less creative in the summer because I want to be outside enjoying the warm weather with my husband. I create each day, but it seems I’m not finishing anything. I start and stop in my crafting.

  2. Shay Kent says:

    I totally get that Gloria. I remember when I lived in Colorado and the summers were short until winter came again, all I wanted to do was be outside. There’s seasons for everything, including creativity. It’ll wait for you until you’re ready. Enjoy your summer!

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