What Do You Get When 3 Artists Walk Into a Flea Market?

Three artists At the flea market

A few weeks ago, I visited the flea market with two art friends, Roben-Marie Smith and Tracy Wozniak . Let me tell ya, having art friends is so much fun. Especially in “real life”. We all live in Florida on opposite coasts. Lucky for us, Florida is really skinny so we aren’t that far apart.

Here’s a cheeky little story I’d love to share with you about our time together. There are no lies here. It’s all true. Lol. I’m sure you will see yourself in some crazy things we do as mixed media artists. We are a fun breed. Give us the burnt, tucked-away pieces of trash, and we will call it a treasure and put it in our art. See? You know what I’m sayin’. 🤣. Here we go.

5 Ways You’ll Know You’re a Mixed Media Artist at The Flea Market

Gimme The Burnt One!

  1. If you find yourself rummaging through an old whisky barrel🛢️full of dyed linens, picking up the BURNT ONE 🔥, and squealing, “We gotta have THAT one!”

Bye Foxy Lady

2. When you sit next to a taxidermied fox 🦊, take a photo, only to have the burly man shopkeeper call out to you, “Bye foxy lady”

Sorry, I didn’t get the shot of the “pretzel proposal”, so this will do.

Pretzel Proposal

3. Walking down a gravel road, you’re so immersed in chowing down on the best pretzel 🥨 of your life that tastes like a donut 🍩, that you don’t hear the man call out, “Looking good. And I don’t mean the pretzel” (apparently, the flea market is an excellent place to find a new husband 💍).

Who Can Help Me With My Fanny Pack?

  1. It takes all of your art friends to get a fanny pack adjusted because your very cool😎 daughter just borrowed it and wore it slung across their shoulder like a proper cool person, but YOU are decidedly UNCOOL🤓so you shall wear it as a fanny pack. Aaaaand you can’t even get it on by yourself. Apparently, two of you can’t get it on together, either. So, with the help of a third person, you finally figure out how to put the pack on so it doesn’t suddenly fall off around your ankles. (sorry to all you Aussies and Brits, I don’t know why we call it a fanny pack in America. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, look it up. Prepare to be surprised 😳)

Tearin’ Up The Books

  1. You’re CRAZY and decide to buy a bunch of old BOOKS 📚 to sling around the flea market in your backpack 🎒ALL DAY. But then, you’re also BRILLIANT and BRAVE, so you decide to rip those pages out of the book and put them in the trash 🗑️, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, to lighten the load. But can you do that by yourself?? No. This is why we have friends. I’ll hold the pages for you while you rip away! It takes a tribe to get things done (go back to #5 for reference. Never go to the flea market alone).

😍 You never know what shenanigans will happen when 3 artists who are forming an art tribe go to conquer the flea market.


13 thoughts on “What Do You Get When 3 Artists Walk Into a Flea Market?

  1. Joan says:

    This looks like Rennigers in Florida…..as a former Floridian, we went MANY MANY times to this flea market…one of the BEST !! Glad y’all had F-U-N…. Happy hunting for all those treasures….

  2. Julie Houck says:

    Loved reading this great and humorous story. Wish I lived closer to take part in the fun! Thanks so much for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

  3. Shay Kent says:

    Of course Sandy! It’s Rennigers. I’d never been before or heard of it, but apparently it’s a really big deal!

  4. Emily says:

    It looks like you guys had a great time! I missed this Extravaganza but I’m looking forward to the next one in November. You never know what you might find – and I might have to fight you for the best burned linens.

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